Revolutionizing Reporting and Analytics

DexSplicity is an intuitive and powerful report writer that includes superior interactive drill-down analytics all within Excel. "Dex" was developed by Kevin Berens, a founder of FRx, a Financial Report writer that was integrated with over 40 ERP systems. The product combines the familiarity of Excel with elegant design concepts for reporting.

  • Design reports in Excel with intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Read data from any Excel workbook and from multiple sources
  • DexSplicity integrates with Dynamics-GP General Ledger
  • Take full advantage of Excel formatting, charting and functionality
  • Rerun reports for different time periods and preserve all formatting
  • Filter and slice on different dimensions (departments, regions, customers, products, employees, etc.) for ad-hoc analysis
  • Publish dimensions to individual tabs from one report
  • Create report books with board room quality presentation, and update all reports at once
  • Develop user defined hierarchies for any grouping
  • Include any data – Financial, Product, Customer, ANY DATA!
  • Summarize data with the ability to drill into detail
  • Customize unlimited drill downs on multiple rows and cells
  • Improve integrity of reports by eliminating complex formulas

Many report writers claim that by being Excel based they are easy to use. In reality these often require users to have advanced Excel skills and reports are very time consuming to create and tedious to maintain.
DexSplicity is designed to make report development and maintenance efficient, and includes business rules like row and column suppression, rounding and reversal of amounts.
DexSplicity is also a true FRx and Management Reporter (MR) replacement, but offers so much more.

Although it’s a great financial report writer, it’s not limited to just General Ledger data.

Services Offered

  • Beginning/Intermediate Classes
  • Training & Consulting