BizNet Products

Kurzweil & Associates offers consulting and training on BizNet's BizInsight and BizBroadcast products. Class are delivered live over the internet, via a Virtual Classroom. All classes have both lecture and hands on exercises to help insure rapid learning of the products.

BizInsight™ is an Excel-based reporting and analytics solution that delivers simple, yet powerful, business reporting and analysis capabilities to business users. BizInsight makes it easy to gain control of the entire business reporting and analysis process by ensuring data from your ERP ties to data in Excel. Entries into your business system are automatically reflected in your spreadsheets, eliminating the need to rekey, export data or reformat the report.
BizInsight is compatible works with more that fifteen ERP publishers and over thirty accounting products. The product leverages end-users spreadsheet skills and the takes advantage of all the capabilities of Excel. This powerful reporting solution saves clients hours of time and provides immediate answers to business questions.(Source:


Services Offered

  • BizInsight Basics Classes, Training & Consulting
  • BizInsight Intermediate/Advanced Classes, Training & Consulting

BizNet Broadcast is a part of the BizNet Reporting Suite. This product produces and distributes reports either via email or as a file. There are eleven output formats including Microsoft Excel, Excel presented as values, PDF and XPS.
BizNet Broadcast will automatically distribute hundreds of reports from a single Excel workbook.

Services Offered

  • BizBroadcast Classes, Training & Consulting