DexSplicity – Financial Reporting

This class will cover the basic skills needed to create financial report using DexSplicity. This class will review the features found in the product along with reviewing Business Best Practices for developing reports with DexSplicity.

Course Fees are $495 per person for instructor led classes lasting four hours. Class fees include a comprehensive user guide and are designed to be hands on. A demo data set will be supplied to all attendees to allow for future practice with the product.


  • Product overview – DexSplicity ribbon and connecting to data
  • Write a Trial Balance report – focus on how to write low maintenance rows and columns (using markups) and adding dynamic date labels
    • Develop drill downs, slicers and publishing
  • Trended Income Statement report
    • Add proof row for data validation
    • Reverse signs for presentation
  • Actual Budget Variance report
    • Analyze data with slicers
    • Create separate tabs by department
  • Review the setup of data
  • Discuss the use of customized hierarchies for reporting
    • Review rollups for main accounts and departments
    • Write and publish reports using hierarchies
  • Summary Income Statement report
    • Current and Prior Month & YTD and Prior YTD
    • Create multiple drill downs for analytics
  • Forecasted Actuals report
    • Show YTD Actuals, Rest of Year Budget and a Forecasted Actual
  • Publish reports using hierarchies
  • Topics relating to the design of Board Room quality presentation
  • Miscellaneous topics and Q&A