BizInsight Intermediate/Advanced Reporting

The Intermediate/Advanced BizInsight course builds on concepts learned in our Beginning class.  Additional BizInsight features will be introduced and applied as part of developing a more diverse set of financial reports.  This will include the use of complex expressions and the creation of Virtual Rollups (Trees/Hierarchies), both key elements for many organizations.  The ability to store values in the system for access from any workbook will also be presented. 
This course should take your BizInsight and Excel skills to the next level and help with the creation of dynamic and professional quality financial reports.  Best practices and other tips and tricks will also be discussed.


Course Fees are $950 for four hours per company, and includes a training guide.


Trial Balance Summary

  • Dynamically show the “Prior Month” 
  • Discuss how to use this report to prove out other reports
  • Add dates and time to reports
  • Miscellaneous discussion on best practices for report design

Twelve Month Rolling Trend Report

  • Dynamic columns cross year
  • Index & Match Functions (better than VLOOKUPS)

Balance Sheet

  • Complex Expressions - discuss concepts need for more advanced row definitions
  • Demonstrate Side by Side reporting (Assets on one side/Liabilities & Equity on the other)
  • Use of the Expression Editor to create complex expressions

Creating Templates – Reports & Formulas

  • BizInsight allows the storing of report templates and formulas.  Report templates provide a way to keep reports organized and also protect the original report.  Formula templates help with easy access to more complex formulas that might be necessary for reports.
  • How to create a report template
  • Store frequently used formulas for easy access for reports (row suppression, dates)

Virtual Rollups (Trees / Hierarchies) – KEY TOPIC

  • Concepts behind creating rollups of segments (Locations, Departments, Projects, Divisions, etc.)
  • BizInsight Set & Get Account Definition Functions to store rollup definitions in the system for future retrieval.  The Set and Get functions provide a way to store information in the system that can be used on any report.  The impact of this feature is limitless.

Forecasted Actuals

  • Learn the concepts required to automatically display actuals through the current month, budget for the balance of the year.  Have the heading (Actual or Budget) adjust as well.  Produce a total that combines the actuals and budgets presented on this report.

Report Package

  • Discuss technique for a lead sheet that drives results in multiple tabs in the Reporting Package

Consolidation (If time allows)

  • Consolidate multiple companies; side by side

Misc Questions & Answers