This product produces and distributes reports either via email or as a file. Output formats include Microsoft Excel, Excel presented as values, PDF and XPS. The course will start with basic report distribution, and then illustrate flexibility in adding date and segment parameters. Custom reporting packages will also be developed including the distribution of many reports to individuals based on their area of responsibility. This can be done either as multiple tabs in a workbook or via a drop down list on a worksheet.


Course Fees are $950 per company for four hours, and includes a training guide.


Product Overview & Basic Report Distribution

  • Preserve Excel Functions
  • Remove BizInsight Functions

Report Distribution and adding parameters

Departmental Report Distribution – Multiple Tabs Per Workbook

  • Review Potential Issues in Passing Parameters
  • Row Suppression

Distribute Multiple Financial Reports

  • Selective By Each Recipient

Custom Distribution Lists

  • Recipients Receive “Live” Reports with Access Only to Their Responsibility Areas

More Customization For Distribution

  • Hiding / Deleting Sheets / Password

Multi Report Distributions

  • Review Differences Between Static & Dynamic Rendering

Report Workbook

  • Review a Report Package - Techniques and Issues

Merging PDF Documents

  • Add a Cover Page and Written Analysis to the Reporting Package

Tabbed Parameters & Virtual Rollups
Conditional Distribution
Report Scheduling
Questions & Answers